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Poppins Montessori School was established in 2002. We can accommodate up to 17 children and we pride ourselves on offering a warm and caring home from home environment for your child where they can learn at their own pace and enjoy socialising with children their own age. 

Our aim is to assist your child in developing a love of learning which will stay with them throughout their life. We promote learning through the Montessori method of teaching in an environment that is safe, structured and stimulating. We recognise that parents play a crucial role as primary educators of their children and we are therefore committed to being open and welcoming and keeping you informed of your child's progress.  

At Poppins Montessori we offer a structured programme in an open classroom environment, giving individualised education to each child. They receive one-to-one tuition on a daily basis.  Our teacher/child ratio is 3:17. The teacher is there to direct your child, not to teach them but to encourage, never discourage. She offers direction to them when needed, allowing them the freedom within a prepared environment to learn, develop and grow. She starts by being active by presenting activities to each child and then gradually becomes passive as each child becomes more active in their learning. The classroom is non-competitive; your child will choose their own work and will do it at their own pace. The Montessori environment will fully satisfy the requirements of your child's developmental stages. They will explore the world through their senses and own activity. They will develop a love of learning. 

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