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Policy of Administration of Medication

Medication Guidelines – Storage:


Children’s prescribed drugs must be stored in their original containers and be clearly labeled.  Medicines will be kept in a secure container inaccessible to the children.




For Staff to administer medication:


  1. Written permission must be given from parents/guardians/carers of the child to give medicine and for each year the child attends the service.

  2. The Service must be given written documentation of the medical history of the child if he has a medical condition or ongoing medical needs.

  3. Medication must be in the original container, have an expiration date on it and original directions from the Doctor.

  4. If the child has a fever, permission must be sought from a parent to administer anti-febrile medication.  This medicine, Calpol Infant suspension 1-6 years and Nurofen for children 6-12 years is kept in a press inaccessible to children.

  5. The Manager is responsible for administrating medication and in her absence the deputy’s, Deirdre Whelan (Montessori) or Mary Skelly (Afterschool Club) is in charge.  They must administer the medicine in the presence of a witness.

  6. This witness or second person must check and countersign the administration form.

  7. Return the medication to the secure container.




  1. Parents are asked to put sunscreen on children before they come to school during the hot weather.

  2. The sunscreen brand we provide in Poppins is Nivea.  Written consent is required to apply sunscreen supplied by the school so that parents can advise if a previous adverse reaction may have occurred.

  3. If a child is allergic to this brand, the parent can send in an alternative brand with the child’s name on it.

  4. We always check with parents/minders before dropping off their children on a sunny day, are they wearing sunscreen.




  1. Staff administering medication must keep a record in the Medicine Record Book filling in all details.

  2. Staff member must ensure that a parent/guardian/carer’s signature is obtained before the child leaves the service at the end of the day; to ensure the parent/guardian/carer is aware of medicines received.




  1. All staff is informed of the policies and procedures for the storage, administration and recording of children’s medication.

  2. These policies and procedures are reviewed and updated regularly at staff meetings.

  3. In the event of an emergency, all parents contact details are kept in a secure press so they can be accessed quickly at all times.


This policy was adopted at a meeting of the childcare service





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